Csaba Lőkös

Csaba Lőkös

Csaba Lőkös

Music Programmer: Sziget Festival (Hungary)

Csaba Lőkös is the founder/owner/managing director of CLmusic Ltd, which is an independent music agency in Budapest/Hungary (www.clmusic.hu  ). He is organizing and running the program of the WORLD MUSIC STAGE on behalf of SZIGET Festival since 2000 (www.sziget.hu). He is the program advisor of The MUPA (former Palace of Arts) in the genres of world music & folk music since 2004 (www.mupa.hu)

He is managing The Budapest Film Orchestra (www.budapestfilmorchestra.com )and organizing orchestra recordings  (mainly film scoring). CLmusic  Ltd is the exclusive represantion of the German Recorded Music Library called „SONOTON” in Hungary.

Csaba Lőkös has been working in the music industry for more than 30 years and he decided to found his own company in 2009. CLMUSIC LTD has different musical activities (artists’ representaion, concert organising, film music recordings etc…)  Csaba has been representing the Sonoton Music Library in Hungary for more than 30 years. SONOTON Production Music is the largest independent provider of professional library music worldwide. Our music catalog offers a huge selection of musical genres for all types of productions at the highest technical and creative levels. Looking for background music for documentaries.

Csaba is the contractor of the Budapest Film Orchestra www.budapestfimorchestra.com   With over 30 years of professional studio work the orchestra has developed exceptional skills in interpreting many different styles of music.

Csaba has been working as a program advisor in the Palace of Arts cultural institution from 2005 & he is the program organizer of the World Music Stage at SZIGET Festival. The idea of the World Music Stage at SZIGET Festival (www.sziget.hu  ) was born in 2000. In a few years the World Music Stage of SZIGET has become the biggest World Music event in Hungary. Over the past 17 years of existence he has brought all the World Music stars to Hungary and also booked foreign and local upcoming bands. Thanks to SZIGET the World Music Stage goes on and we are looking forward to the next big adventure in 2017!