Musicians (South Africa)

The group Imithente was formed in 1989 by Simosakha Muntungiyeke Mthalane

with his lovely wife Dumisile Manan in Hilbrow Johannesburg who realized that female maskandi was getting popular.The group compromise of 3 ladies Dumisile Manana Mthalane who loaded Imithente from 1989, Buselaphi Buthelezi Gxowa who joined the group in 1993 October and Nokwazi Ntuli who also joined the band 1994.


They all came from KwaZulu-Natal, their first album Um’bulali was released in 1995, Wafa Washonaphi , their second album and third album was Anom’khomba ngezithupha. In 2000 Imithente was signed by Gallo Record Company and in 2001 they released Isidikiselo which their song that gained them popularity in all coasts of South Africa. It got gold status after one month of its release. With that album, Imithente proved that they can produce good music which the whole world will appreciate. Through their outstanding, energetic performance, the group had put itself in the list of promoters.

In 2002 they released their second album under Gallo titled “Awusayi abhodweni ”. It went very well in stores and the album made them see themselves nominated on the MTN Sama Awards as the best Maskandi. That was the same album that made the group to travel across the borders of South Africa. Their first trip outside the country was to Swaziland in November 2002.

The album that followed was the second one was “Ngiyakushiya Mawulele” in 2003. It also got nominated for MTN SAMA AWARDS as the best Maskandi. The following year in 2004, the group was invited to perform in France at LA ROCHELLE in September. They left the French people and other digintaries super amazed and overwhelmed by the outstanding performance which was at international standard.

In 2005 they also got an opportunity to fly overseas to India. The tour to India too was a great success. In the same year, the album Umnyango Ongenaskhiye (meaning the door without key) was released. The album went very well and sold platinum and the album was also nominated for MTN SAMA AWARDS in 2006. The album also included the praise song for the Zulu King, through that song the group was nominated. Then in 2007 they released an album called Bamb’ezakho . They got nominated for SATMA AWARDS and they won that award as the best compilation.

In 2008 they released another album titled IGAZI ELIBABAYO and they also released their first DVD and it also sold gold within a month. In 2009 they released another hit album called Simqonda Ngqo. They again got nominated for SAMA AWARDS and they won as the best Maskandi and were nominated for SATMA AWARDS. In the same year they got another opportunity to travel to Europe and in July they went to perform in Algeria and the people of Algeria were so excited and overwhelmed by Imithente performances.

In 2010 they released their new album called Vimb’ezansi and the album went really well, In 2011 they released another album titled Mbimbi. The album sold very well and the group got nominate for SAMA AWARDS, SATMA AWARDS AND AMANTSHONTSHO KAMASKANDI AWARDS. The group also performed at Saxon Hotel for the Great Queen of Swaziland.

In 2012 they released an album titled Vuka Mathambo. They got nominated again for MTN SAMA AWARDS. In 2013 they released another album titled Mhlobo Wami. Imithente is now working and helping lot of young people teaching about Zulu culture