Nhlanhla Khumalo

Nhlanhla Khumalo

Nhlanhla Khumalo

Head Lecturer: Soul Candi Institute Of Music (South Africa)

Nhlanhla Khumalo is a highly skilled and respected music producer and DJ. He is one of South Africa’s most talented rising stars. Together with DJ Fresca, they brought you the chart-topping, dance-floor jamming and electrifying smash hit ” Into Enge Khoyo”. He is Head Lecturer at Soul Candi Institute Of Music and for a jolly good reason too. He is a master of music production. Not only that, but he is working on a number of releases with the country’s freshest breed of artists. He has been hailed as the next Big Bang in the music industry. His first hit, “Nothing to it”, was well received in Germany in 2007 on the bitport.com website with hundreds of people downloading it.

His minimal/electro style of house expertly fused with some soulful poetry is fresh and rocking and meets the highest standards of the critics. Other world-known and skilled DJ’s have described his work as phenomenal, astounding, mind-blowing and even astronomical. DJ’s like DJ Oskido (RSA), Black Coffee (RSA), DJ Bongani (London), Clive Bean, DJ QT, DJ Zinhle and DJ Fistas have all had wonderful things to say about his work- “Into Enge Khoyo” in particular. The track is featured in many house compilations that are or soon to be out. The new ‘Fistas Mixwell’ will have it, the SABC’s ‘House Flava’ compilation is also featuring this smash hit. The track is such a monster hit that people like BPM and BIG DJ’S have expressed their desire to collaborate with Nhlanhla K and Fresca. Upon it’s release, “Into Enge Khoyo” blew up the airwaves across the country. On 5FM it was voted “Song of the Week” on it’s release and “Song of the Month”. Metro FM also gave it a big vote of confidence and it is now a regular feature on YFM’s playlist.

The video will be out soon as to enhance the already wide exposure of the hit. In the 3rd grade, Nhlanhla first noticed his love for music. His grandfather, who is an Archbishop, was instrumental in instilling that love. The young Nhlanhla would rejoice and sing with his grandfather at church and he noticed how the congregation would be filled with joy and sing to the tune of the church organ. On Good Fridays and Christmases was an even more awe filled experience for him.

He immediately decided that that is what he wants to do. Growing up, he could not yet afford to buy a keyboard, so he drew himself one to practice. By the 7th grade, he had joined a band called Good Hope Band. They played mainly Mbhaqanga and Gospel. They would perform at community shows and municipal functions. At this stage, he was on percussions as the band already had a piano player. His lucky day came when the piano player couldn’t perform for a gig they had been booked to play at. He convinced his fellow band members firmly when he played the piano parts to them. In the 10th grade, he sought to solidify his career path by recording a demo.

The demo was well received by the local community and they even started organizing events. By now, he was fairly skilled as a keyboard player and had joined a kwaito group called Skomboys. An incident led to the group being disbanded and Nhlanhla saw the need to continue to enhance his production skills so he moved back to Johannesburg upon completion of high school. In 2005, he started a car wash to finance his music career. He recorded several demos and distributed them. In 2006, he enrolled at the Soul Candi Institute Of Music where he met another prodigy, Ryan Murgatroyd. Ryan and Soul Candi was so impressed with Nhlanhla that he was promoted to being a lecturer towards the end of his course. He was since promoted to Head Lecturer and the rest, as they say, is history.