Osmic Menoe

Osmic Menoe

Osmic Menoe

Founder: Back To The City festival (South Africa)

Grew up in Soweto, Tladi – schooled at Orange Groove Primary School and matriculated at Highlands North for boys.

Started a mixtape radio show called Hellskitchen around Grade 8 were local acts were given the plartorm to showcase their music. Started the first hiphop magazine in Joburg called Ritual Magazine around grade 9 with a couple of friends. Went on to start a recording studio in the hood called Ritual Lab.

All these things led to starting a Hiphop lifestyle retail outlet with a recording studio, music
section, sneaker section, gallery and a spot were like-minded people could meet & talk about progress. The store opened 12 years ago.

This also led to the start of Back To The City festival and has been around now for 9 years and is currently the biggest Hiphop festival in Africa. Owns the South African Hiphop Awards that have been taking place for the last 3 years and are broadcast on ETV.

During the time of Back To The City together with Dj Kenzhero, a club called O.S.T LOUNGE was also opened in Newtown 6 years ago and now its been run by Osmic for the past 3 years.

Ambassador for Adidas, Miller and a few brands I cant even remember really.

Had a couple of radio shows on YFM, VOW FM and Thetha FM.

Advisor for Sprite South Africa for the past 3 years

Have a diploma in Graphic Design and also in Multimedia Design.