Yusuf Mahmoud

Yusuf Mahmoud

Yusuf Mahmoud

Director: Sauti za Busara Festival (Tanzania)

“Festivals invigorate young people’s interest in local culture, present opportunities for artists and music professionals to meet and learn from each other, keep traditions alive, create employment for local people and promote responsible tourism that honours and respects local culture.”

Yusuf Mahmoud is from UK, where in the 1980 – 90s he directed world music festivals, concerts and seminars, to raise awareness, promote positive images and solidarity with the global south.

Yusuf located to Zanzibar in 1998. In 2003 he set up Busara Promotions, an NGO working in East Africa to strengthen appreciation for African music, develop local skills and networks.

Yusuf is occupied through the year with Sauti za Busara festival, showcasing 40 music groups annually from the African Continent and diaspora. Also known as ‘the friendliest festival on the planet’, it’s popular with locals and visitors from all corners of the world.

In 2007 Yusuf was presented the World Shaker Award at the BBC World Music Awards, recognising his “enormous contribution to both the local scene in Zanzibar and the world music scene globally”.